Cherish Freedom

My Healing Journey From Mormon Ritual Abuse To Freedom

Bad Robot Creations October 19, 2013


A New Endeavor- Creating Art as Self-Empowerment


Hello everyone, this is Bad Robot! (AKA Cherish Freedom, AKA……)

As some of you know, I am living off government disability payments, which are sooo insane that I live waaaay below the poverty line. Because of the all-consuming effects of my PTSD (the trauma and abuse I’ve been through), I have never been able to work or go to school full-time for very long. After awhile, if I am too busy/tired/stressed I just kind of fall apart and/or explode and am unable to work, at least for awhile. I’ve been in and out of psychiatric units for over 16 years because of how much the trauma affects me everyday.

So, after a lot of struggling, thought, and prayer, I have decided to try something new…self-employment. I am quite nervous but I know that I have been given a lot of creative gifts and talents that I can use not only for my own healing, but also (hopefully) to supplement my meager disability income. And maybe, in time as I learn and grow more as an artist, I can do bigger and bigger things.

I have been calling my “small business” Bad Robot Creations. One of my nicknames is Bad Robot, and I love it! I am working on setting up an shop on I am always in “production mode”- thinking about new ideas and creating new things. I love to sew, particularly toys and things for kids. Because kids are just the best. And so are toys! I also knit and crochet all sorts of things. I love doodle art, I always have, so I make doodle art cards and other things. And…I just create things, and have learned that other people like the things I make. I don’t copy anyone, in any of my art. And most of my sewn toys are one-of-a-kind because I make up the patterns based on the idea and sketch of the monster/alien/stuffed animal etc. that I want to create. It’s so fun!!!

I also can do special orders on most things. So far I have made quite a few sample items (pics will be posted to blog soon!). But I haven’t made any sales. I am fully committed to giving Bad Robot Creations a good shot, and seeing where this particular road will take me on my journey…

Please contact me at if you have any questions or are interested in helping me out by buying some of my creations!


One Response to “Bad Robot Creations”

  1. jwvenneear Says:

    Hi Bad Robot,
    I am amazed at just how creative you are. Every time you post something new, I am in awe of your artistry. Keep on growing and stay safe you have a lot of people pulling for you.

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