Cherish Freedom

My Healing Journey From Mormon Ritual Abuse To Freedom

the kid next door December 18, 2013

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confusion grips the mind

dark clouds of fog

electric bursts

brain bursts

voice has been strangled

the evil ones draw near

as we scream silently for help

nobody ever hears

memories more real

than when the body was there

blood on the floor

blood on the wall

blood on the christmas tree

what is reality

cuz this is hell

always in a nightmare

far away but you’re so near

pray, pray, pray the devil away

pray the demons back to hell

but why do they linger

confusion, dark fog

can we sleep

and never wake up

torture is real

happens next door

but the world doesn’t care

about the kids dying

dying in every way

they know a different kind of love

their hope is death

the holidays are survival

reliving, remembering

as hope fades again

sleep, sleep, sleep,

it will be ok one day


Stitch by Stitch December 8, 2013

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This heart, this heart that was broken into a million tiny pieces

You are holding it in your hand

Sewing it back together stitch by stich

Building up layers of skin

To replace the skin they tore away

You are my Creator

You are my hope

You are my healing

The pain of the past is dissolving

Forgiveness is when the past doesn’t hurt me anymore

Hook by hook, thread by thread

You are breaking the ties to the pain of the past

Miracles are real….I forgot for so long

Broken pieces of me becoming whole

The secrets come to light

You shine your light in all the dark corners

Your truth


Heals all my wounds

Thank you Abba….