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Happiness is BEARS November 13, 2013

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Happiness is BEARS

So, here it is, this is what I look like (for those of you who don’t know!). I am not very photogenic at the best of times, but I was happy here, with this very pretty bear. The bear is my spirit animal and I find a lot of comfort and strength in bears.


I will never forget this sweet girl and her little sister October 19, 2013

November 28, 1994- October 21, 1998

I will be lighting a candle for Rebecca on the fifteenth anniversary of her murder, this Monday, October 21. It will burn all day and into the night. I had an idea, that if any of you would also like to light a candle for Rebecca and all the other child victims of ritual abuse, we might have a lot of candles for her this year… It would be amazing to hear if any of you are interested in doing this with me, and also maybe we can share our experience a little bit. Every year I remember Rebecca on my own in a special way, but it would be amazing if other people remembered her and her story with me. She is in a better place. I know Rebecca is ok now, but this day has become, for me, a day to also remember the other children who have suffered and died at the hands of monsters. Thank you so much everyone! Rebecca’s beautiful smile must be so much brighter wherever she is.
Love, Cherish Freedom


To All Humans: Love Bad Robot October 12, 2013

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To All Humans: Love Bad Robot

I can’t think of what to write, so I am just posting pictures that make me feel better. I am a FREAK and I love it!!!!


Mormon Tithing Slip

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Mormon Tithing Slip

What is the world coming to??? How is a CULT still trying to run U.S. government? I’m scared….

and what does Perpetrual mean? Lmfao


“Sacred Grove” Tree

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Joseph Smith- Founder of Mormonism

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Joseph Smith- Founder of Mormonism

This is a revered painting in Mormonism…. showing Joseph Smith (age 14) in the “Sacred Grove” in NY State. God and Jesus appeared to him and told him that all of the religions of the world were false and he was chosen to bring God’s “One and ONLY True Church” to the world.

We’re fucked…..