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My Healing Journey From Mormon Ritual Abuse To Freedom

I will rise again August 18, 2017

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It’s been a crazy journey, these last few years. Ready to get back to this outlet. Ready to work towards truth, light, and healing once again.


A desperate attempt to save 2 children ends up helping thousands May 24, 2014

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My parents put me on this shit when I was a teenager. The dad who came up with it is a total quack, has absolutely no education on mental illness. Oh ya, he is Mormon. And that shit almost killed me. Thanks psycho…

Cherish Freedom


Watch “Did Abbotsford Police use excessive force to take…” on YouTube

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Did Abbotsford Police use excessive force to take…:

By the way, I was screaming at the stupid blonde normie every time I watched this interview….

Cherish Freedom


Police shooting video

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I was the “bystander” who took this video. Still fucked up from the trauma of seeing once again the brutality of cops. Thanks pigs for doing such a great job of keeping us “mentally ill” in line…


Sticks and Stones… February 5, 2014

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Sticks and Stones….


Let The Child Speak

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Let The Child Speak.


Warrior Princess for God

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Feb. 5, 2014, pencil sketch